Positive company culture starts with thoughtful and intentional values. One of ByteChek’s core values is to “Invest in Personal Growth and Development.” We at ByteChek live out this value through the 10% rule. Each member of the ByteChek team is encouraged to put 10% of their work time toward personal development and wellness. I often spend this time practicing yoga. Other popular activities amongst our team include playing a round of golf, taking certification courses, and spending time outdoors with family members. We often share what we are doing for our 10% on Slack, and managers regularly check in to make sure each person is taking that time for themselves.

ByteChek’s focus on personal well-being translates into well-rounded, happy individuals. It fosters a culture of connectedness and care, as we encourage each other toward achieving personal goals and wellness. And ultimately, as we reach our goals, ByteChek is better equipped to help clients meet theirs - continuing to make compliance suck less!

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