Where to start? ByteChek has had so much going on since we launched publicly in November of 2020. Maybe I’ll just recap.

After operating in stealth mode for months we were ready. So, ByteChek announced itself to the world on Veterans Day 2020. Our CEO, AJ Yawn is a U.S. Army Veteran, so the choice of the day was easy in our minds. We hit the ground running with a press release, updates to our LinkedIn profiles (and creating ByteChek’s LinkedIn page), redesigning our website, and fielding a lot of phone calls! We even ended up with our photo in Times Square!

After that, AJ and I have been very busy. Between the two of us, we did a podcast with Hacker Valley, spoke at the MACPA innovation summit, interviewed with CISO mag, presented for the Northeast Florida IIA, was on a NABCRMP webinar, did a joint webinar with Tenacity, and appeared on many more podcasts! AJ was honored as the #4 voice in Technology by LinkedIn Top Voice 2020.

Individually, I have been working hard to make sure that I keep to the mission of making ByteChek not only great for service organizations but CPAs and auditors as well. I’ve been researching and helping improve our product so that it meets the needs of all parties while maintaining the standards and regulations that need to be met for our industry.

Personally, it was an odd year for the holiday season, that’s for sure. I’m sure a lot of you can relate. I’m eager to put 2020 behind and move forward with all the exciting things we are doing here at ByteChek. That’s it for this issue, see you next month!

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