We’ve been busy listening to customer feedback, adding features we know will make compliance suck less, and continually improving the ByteChek platform. Let’s check out some of the new stuff on the ByteChek Platform:

ByteChek System Description Generator

We kicked off 2021 by announcing our new system description generator on the ByteChek Platform. We are pretty excited about what this new feature will mean for our customers like Dan.

The ByteChek system description generator walks organizations through each description criteria required for SOC 2 and helps complete an initial draft of the description directly on the platform. An activity that once required hours of writing and endless emails exchanged between auditor and auditee can now be performed in minutes. The drafted system description meets industry standards allowing ByteChek clients to leverage the combined 30+ years of audit and cybersecurity experience of the ByteChek team.

Complete a REAL Vendor Review on the ByteChek Platform

We all know how important it is to effectively manage your supply chain. Within the ByteChek platform, we built a vendor review that ensures you’re asking the right questions when reviewing your vendors’ third-party attestation reports.

Vendor reviews are critical to the success of your cybersecurity program and compliance assessments. In a SOC 2 examination, it’s required that you complete a review of all subservice organizations. The ByteChek platform enables you to streamline vendor reviews with its intuitive vendor security questionnaire.

Here are a few additional highlights:

  • New quick sign-up link for new employees. This accelerates onboarding for new users to the ByteChek platform ensuring they complete required onboarding activities such as acknowledging information security policies, completing security awareness training and uploading evidence of background check completion.

  • UI updates. Listening to customer feedback (thanks Naomi!) we made some updates to our user interface to help make onboarding and set up easier for ByteChek users.

  • JIRA is here! Our JIRA integration has been made generally available for all users on the ByteChek platform. With our JIRA integration, you can ensure tickets for activities such as access requests and access removal are completed within your specified timeframes. The ByteChek platform will display metadata from each ticket within the control dashboard for you and your auditors.

  • New GitHub and JIRA setup learning center resources. We’ve made it easy for you to configure your GitHub and JIRA integrations within the ByteChek platform.

  • Control Opt Out Functionality. We know not all controls will be relevant to every customer. For example, if you’re hosted on Azure some of our AWS controls won’t be relevant and they shouldn’t impact your overall SOC 2 score. We developed opt out functionality for you and your auditors to mark controls that may not be relevant as exempt.

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