Shortly after announcing the creating of ByteChek, we published our SOC 2 Whitepaper with CISOMag. We were intentional about two things in this whitepaper. First, we wanted to make sure the content was easy to read and engaging. This is because we know compliance and SOC 2 can be a boring topic. Therefore, we strove to break down complex SOC 2 concepts into an easy-to-digest manner. Second, we released the whitepaper without requiring users to give up their email addresses.

The idea to publicly release a 40-page whitepaper we spent a ton of time developing stems from a core philosophy at ByteChek - transparency. We understand that there is a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) in the cybersecurity industry, especially from a marketing perspective. Everything we do at ByteChek is to challenge norms that the industry has maintained by focusing on what makes sense. It’s a fairly simple strategy. We know how frustrating it can be when you want to read great cybersecurity content without sacrificing your privacy. A lot of cybersecurity professionals admit to creating a fake email address just for these downloads.

ByteChek Platform Public Demos

We’ve taken this same approach with our product demos. On the ByteChek Learning Center, you can view public demos of several key features of the ByteChek platform. These demos are walkthroughs of the guided product tours every ByteChek user has access to. Our existing customers are familiar with these tours because they utilize them as part of their onboarding and getting established on the platform. Instead of requiring prospective customers to set up a meeting with our team to see a demo, we decided to publish our demos publicly. We are confident in what we are building and we also have a deep affinity with efficiency. By publicly releasing demos of our product, prospective customers can determine whether or not we are a good fit before investing in a 30-minute scoping and demo call. Everyone wins when transparency is the name of the game.

The ByteChek platform is revolutionary, we understand that. Our early customers are experiencing the benefits of the ByteChek platform. This validates the work we put in to build a SaaS solution that automates the compliance process for both auditors and organizations.

But what about your competitors?

What about them? We’re focused on our customers and creating a product that solves their problems at ByteChek. Our competitors don’t drive any of our decisions because frankly -- they don’t matter. We know we will be copied, imitation is at the core of the startup culture. The only thing we are concerned with is providing a product and delivering a service to our customers that help them solve their cybersecurity and compliance problems.

Aren’t you giving up your secret sauce?

Nope. I’ll be honest, I’ve never understood this concept in the software space. SaaS companies describe their products in great detail on their website. Features are outlined, blog posts detail new features, including screenshots showing how the product works. But to see a full demo is giving away some special secret sauce? Didn’t we already describe the secret sauce on our website?

We’ve challenged silly cybersecurity compliance norms in several ways with the ByteChek platform and will continue to do so in all aspects of running the company. Publicly publishing our demos doesn’t give away our secret sauce because our secret sauce is our people. Our product does some pretty cool things, and a lot of things that our competitors don’t do (yet). Our people have enabled us to build the ByteChek Engine, which is a proprietary machine-learning feature of the platform that tests data in the ByteChek platform according to the AICPA Sampling Guide and industry best practices that we’ve learned over the 30+ years of experience our team has.

So if you’re a competitor, prospect, current customer, or just someone curious about the best software tool in the governance, risk, and compliance space - enjoy the demos of the ByteChek platform. We will update these demos regularly as we continue to innovate and grow the product.

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