CPAs for a long time were (and many still are) weary of automated tools for a variety of solutions. First, it was accounting & bookkeeping itself. But guess what? That changed and there are now trusted accounting tools out there that both businesses and auditors use. In more recent years, technology has come a long way for IT audits, in particular SOC 2. We know this is true because we see the largest firms creating their own technology to facilitate their audits, as well as new software applications being developed all the time to support compliance. It’s no longer a question of if you need technology to survive—it’s about which technology is the best fit for the service organization as well as the CPA firm.

Numerous factors weigh in on the decision to invest in (or partner with) the right organization for technology. As a service organization or as a CPA firm, how do you know what to look for when researching them? How do you know what is good versus what is not up to your standards? What efficiency are you going to gain from the tool during the audit process (and beyond)?

ByteChek developed a guide to assist the process of knowing what to consider when it comes to automated GRC software. Ultimately, the best option for service organizations and CPA practices will stand out as having the highest quality, robust features, and support (from SOC and other framework experts) required to benefit both client and CPA.

Keep up with ByteChek for the upcoming whitepaper release! As always, you’ll be able to download this whitepaper without giving up your email address.

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