On average, sales people spend only 35% of their time actually selling and spend about an hour a day on admin work and data entry.

As a sales leader, you want to enable your team to spend their time selling and doing things to increase their number. The goal is to remove your reps hurdles so that they can focus on selling and only do tasks that contribute to providing a good experience to their leads!

How to do it?

Here's a couple of tips I learned from HubSpot Academy

1. Cross off all the activities that do not add value to your leads.

2. Reduce the amount of time that you spend on things that do add value to prospects such as note taking and emailing. If these things are automated, it saves your reps time and enables them to sell!

3. Have your reps send personalized video or audio emails instead of traditional emails. Its faster to talk than it is to write and it gives your prospect a personalized touch on who you are and the company you represent.

By implementing these steps, your reps can have more time to complete keys steps; have more time to connect with customers and make sales; and focus on quota attainment!

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