For some time now, large CPA firms and cybersecurity/IT firms are the ones seen as the experts or trusted advisors in the cybersecurity space. With the mass amount of personnel and technology/engineering that they have, it’s no surprise as to why this was the view of the market. However, CPA firms outside of the national firms have been developing IT audit and consulting services, including cybersecurity services. The question is, how do these firms scale quickly while providing value to their clients in order to compete? Talent is limited, and cybersecurity moves so fast, oftentimes it’s hard to keep up.

For me, I see the answer in automation, AI, and machine learning. There are many tools out there that can help consultants support their clients with a better cybersecurity posture, while many times still meeting necessary requirements for certification, audit, or other.

Look at what we’re doing at ByteChek for example. Our tool, as you have read month, is built with not only the service organization in mind, but with the CPA firm and auditor as well. Our tool helps organizations describe and report their control environment, while allowing the CPA to view the results, look at source information, request additional items needed, etc. which makes their audit process more efficient and easier.

There is another aspect to what ByteChek will help CPA firms clients with, while at the same time empowering them to become trusted advisors for their clients in cybersecurity. ByteChek has developed integrations with various cloud applications that also measures the security of those applications. For example, ByteChek will determine various security flaws in a client’s AWS environment. With a little training, CPA firm personnel can advise clients on what those vulnerabilities mean, how to fix them, and ensure they stay safe over time. The client views the CPA firm as the trusted advisor that has been associated with CPAs for a long time, but now not only from a financial standpoint, but security as well.

We developed ByteChek to help the CPA community as a whole. We want CPA firms to grow and enhance their practices. We believe the capabilities of our product help CPA firms bring certain cybersecurity aspects into their practice, making them a more complete package for their clients.

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