The AWS CCP Certification is a great way to enter into the world of cloud computing

The world of cloud computing may seem hectic at first, and a bit overwhelming when looking at it from the outside in. However, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Cloud Practitioner certification will prepare you to enter into the cloud computing environment with the upper hand. With this exam you will learn the basics of the AWS world, allowing you to get your feet wet to see if this type of environment is for you or not. This is a great beginner-oriented exam to allow you to obtain the basic knowledge of how AWS works and the types of services offered to the consumer. This is recommended to anyone who is wanting to enter into the cloud environment, whether that be as a system administrator, security engineer, or even just trying to broaden your horizons. Organizations are increasingly adopting cloud, and by focusing your learning activities on cloud, you will both make yourself more marketable and also provide more value to organizations you’re supporting.

The Exam

AWS CCP is a 65-question exam with an allotted 90 minutes of time in order to complete it, with the minimum passing score being 700 and a maximum score of 1000. You will be tested over four sections related to AWS; security (24%), cloud concepts (28%), technology (36%) and billing and pricing (12%). The format is very similar to any other certification exam, you will get questions that are made to try and trick you or ones that are pretty straight forward. This exam is a base level exam to test your knowledge of the AWS environment and the services offered to you. Nothing too in depth, just basic scenario questions asking for the best service to use for the given situation, or questions asking you what a service is/what it can provide.

Testing Tips

This is the third professional certification that I have taken in my 5-year career in the IT field. I have taken the A+ and Security + exams from CompTIA as well. I would rank the AWS CCP exam to be the 2nd hardest one of the three below Security +. I completed the exam in about 45 minutes with a passing score of 886/1000. Just like any other certification exam, it’s very important to pay close attention to the questions being asked, there is always a word or phrase to key in on that can point you in the right direction to make your selection.

Just like taking any other form of exam or test, try and use the process of elimination when you aren’t quite sure what the answer is. It is also good practice to flag a question to come back to later on so you can make sure to not run over time. Head into the exam with a confident attitude and there’s no doubt you won’t walk out AWS certified.

Study Resources

There are loads of material out there to use in preparation for this AWS exam, for myself I studied around 3-4 weeks using two main resources for studying. The first resource I used is A Cloud Guru AWS CCP online course. This course contains 13.3 hours of content all covering important things related to the exam. A Cloud Guru also sprinkles in some labs and quizzes to help prepare you even more. If you are more of the hands-on type of person, they even offer a sandbox environment for you to use to get hands on the services offered in AWS. At the end of this course there is a very well written practice exam to gauge how prepared you are to take the real exam.

The second resource I used to study was Tutorial Dojo practice exams. The practice exams offered by Tutorial Dojo were such a huge study resource, the exams do a very good job of preparing you for the exact style of questions you are going to see on the CCP exam. They also offer timed practice exams so you can get a feel for how you do on time while also taking a full 65 question practice exam. Between these two resources I was able to knock the exam out of the park with ease.

What’s Next

Passing the AWS CCP exam is a huge step into the world of cloud computing, but there are plenty more steps ahead to make myself more marketable and more knowledgeable on the cloud environment. I am currently studying for my next AWS exam, the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. Before the end of 2021 I would love to pass the AWS SA exam along with the AWS Certified Security Specialty, to make myself a more marketable candidate in the job market and a more skilled cloud security professional. Remember this is a great exam to take as an entry way into the cloud environment, and to walk into the exam with confidence. Always bet on yourself!

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