You did it. You’ve provided all the evidence your third-party auditors requested and answered all their questions. Your evidence request list or compliance dashboard shows 100% completion status. So the challenging part is over, and now it’s time to get your report. Right?

Not so fast.

You hear from your auditor that they are doing internal checks, and you can expect to receive the report in a few weeks. A few weeks?

That’s a long time, but hey, it’s compliance, so you’re used to the pain. You don’t hear anything from your auditors for weeks, and then right before you’re supposed to get the report, an avalanche of emails. Follow-up requests, AICPA questionnaires, introductions to new people you’ve never spoken to that are part of a “reporting” team, lots of attached documents, etc. It can be overwhelming.

When we think of automating compliance at ByteChek, it’s always been about way more than just evidence collection. My experience as an auditor taught me that the only way to fix the problem with SOC 2 engagements is by streamlining the entire process, from readiness to report. Our automated readiness feature gets you the answers to the test in hours, not weeks.

Last week we announced our new SOC 2 reporting feature, the first of its kind in the compliance software industry. ByteChek customers now have an intuitive dashboard that guides them through the entire reporting process. Let’s take a look at the different reporting features and discuss how this works:

Getting Audit Ready

What does it mean to be audit-ready? On the ByteChek platform, it means three things:

  • All SOC 2 controls are marked as ‘Success’ based on the automated evidence collected and additional evidence you’ve uploaded.

  • You’ve completed your system description (Section 3 of your report) using the ByteChek System Description Generator.

  • Your audit-ready questionnaire is completed that outlines some basic information about your SOC 2 report.

In Review:

Your ByteChek Assurance team is reviewing all the information you provided and is preparing your report. Our turnaround time is typically one week after you’ve become “audit ready” you’ll receive your draft report.

Draft Report Submitted and Reviewed:

Why a draft? Your SOC 2 report is significant, and we ensure you and your team have a chance to review the report before we finalize it. Often, our customers review the draft with legal, marketing, and security professionals within the organization. You’ll be able to quickly access your draft report from the platform and leave comments directly in the file.

Once you’re good with the draft report, click “reviewed” and expect to receive your report in 3 business days. You’ll have two AICPA required questionnaires to complete, but don’t worry. You can complete those directly on the platform.

Final Report Submitted

You did it! You started with readiness, you proved you're following security best practices, and now you earned your report!

The ByteChek platform is your only all-in-one compliance solution, reach out today if we can help you add transparency, speed and efficiency to your SOC 2 process.

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