Criteria? Categories? AICPA? Points of focus? Type 1 vs. Type 2? SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3? Operating effectiveness? Suitability of controls?

When you start your SOC 2 journey, the jargon feels overwhelming and confusing. You know you need to earn this report because customers are breathing down your neck and a huge prospect told you the last thing they need to close the deal is to see a SOC 2 report. But how do you get started?

What exactly do you need to do to earn SOC 2? A simple question, but the answer has traditionally been tough to obtain. You'd meet with an auditor over a Zoom call (or pre-Covid in a conference room) explaining the processes and procedures you have in place, things you are planning to do, and they nod their head and type away on their computer.

Before ByteChek, I helped over 500 companies earn SOC 2 in a large professional services organization. It used to take us six-eight weeks to provide readiness assessments to customers.

Yes, 6-8 weeks to find out what is wrong and what you need to do to fix it. What if there was a better, more efficient way to prepare for SOC 2?

There is a better way. We've developed the industry's only automated readiness solution. Upon completing a brief set of questionnaires, the ByteChek platform gets to work on your readiness assessment, providing you with an automated self-assessment status and roadmap to achieving your SOC 2. Dozens of ByteChek customers have used this automated readiness assessment in a variety of ways to help them prepare for their SOC 2 examinations.

Instead of waiting weeks with auditors, you can quickly understand your current control environment and get a detailed roadmap on what needs to be remediated to earn SOC 2. After the readiness assessment, you'll be able to filter the control dashboard on self-assessment status and quickly obtain a list of all controls you need to remediate. In addition, each control card includes a mitigation strategy and expected evidence required for SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2.

The goal of our automated readiness assessment is to provide you with the "answers to the test" and accelerate your path to SOC 2. Check out this quick 1-minute video below showing exactly how the SOC 2 automated readiness assessment process works at ByteChek.

A couple of use cases for the automated readiness assessment questionnaire and automatic assessment:

Use Case #1: Early-stage startup, CTO, or Founder responsible for SOC 2

Some of our early customers are like ByteChek, early-stage startups seeking to change the world. They don't have huge budgets or large security staff, so they needed a tool that the founders and senior technologists could use to automate the SOC 2 process. These leaders know all the current processes and procedures, so they went through our questionnaire in less than an hour, clearly understanding their current gaps and what will be expected of them in a SOC 2 examination.

Use Case #2: Mature cybersecurity program and large staff, internal compliance manager responsible for SOC 2 audit but not responsible for implementing controls

We work with dozens of customers who have dedicated compliance specialists. They are responsible for working with engineering, security, and other operations teams to collect evidence and facilitate the SOC 2 process. These customers have used our readiness questionnaire to help them facilitate internal control conversations. As a result, they've prepared their teams for SOC 2 assessments better and better understand the control environment themselves because the questions invoked great discussions. This saved the compliance professionals hours preparing for the evaluation and quickly identified gaps in the control environment. As soon as the questions are answered, the ByteChek platform provides a list of controls the compliance professional can work with their team to prepare for SOC 2.

If you are preparing for a SOC 2 examination and would like an automated yet informative readiness assessment, reach out to the ByteChek team today.

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