Your ByteChek SOC 2 dashboard highlights valuable details about where you are in the compliance journey. But it isn’t just about gaining insight: All the information on the dashboard is clickable, so you can instantly complete necessary steps to accelerate your path to earning a SOC 2.

In this article, you’ll learn about the data available in each section of the dashboard and how to take action on it.

Start Audit

The start audit section helps you kick off your SOC 2 audit and provided necessary administrative details for your report. Once your audit has been kicked off, you can immediately download your summary engagement letter that you can provide to customers and potential customers.

The summary engagement letter outlines you've started on the path to SOC 2 and provides assurances on expected completion dates. ByteChek customers have been able to close deals with this letter.


The Self-Assessment section guides you to the self-assessment module to provide some key answers to assess your current compliance controls. This is a necessary step in the audit process and will provide your team and leadership with key information on the current status of controls in your organization. We encourage you to loop in members of your people ops, engineering, security, compliance, product and legal teams to complete the assessment. Click 'Self-Assessment' to get started.

System Description

What is considered the most important section of your report is a critical step in earning your SOC 2. From this section, you'll navigate to our system description generator to complete Section 3 aka System Description of your SOC 2 report. This section of the report describes the system in-scope for your audit and should be completed early in the journey. Click 'System Description' to get started.

Evidence Gathering

Ok, now that you have completed your self-assessment and system description it's time to start providing evidence. This step in the process is where the bulk of your time will be spent. Click 'Evidence gathering' to navigate to the control dashboard to get started.


The remaining four steps on the dashboard are all related to the reporting process once you've completed steps 1-4 above. Once you reach this phase, you'll work closely with ByteChek GRC Engineers on ensuring your report is accurate and describes things correctly. There are a few questionnaires in steps 7 and 8 that are required to be completed prior to issuing the report, look out for emails with more details once you get here.

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