Getting started with your system description :

Complete your system description in ByteChek with the system description generator. The system description is exactly what it says. It’s a description of the system that is being reported on in your SOC 2 report. It is important because it gives your report users an overall understanding of your service and the system that is supporting it.

In this article you'll learn how to build and complete your system description with ByteChek.

  1. From your dashboard, navigate to the system description by clicking on 'System Description' in step 3 or in the left hand menu bar.

  2. Once you're in the system description generator, you can begin to start completing the description directly in the text editor.

  3. If you're wondering, what am I supposed to even put here? Don't worry we got you covered. Click the 'more help' icon next to the title for a detailed article on what each section of the system description is all about.

4. If you need to take a break in the middle of completing the system description, click save to save your work.

5. Need to start over? Click restore default to reset back to the original template.

6. When you are all set with your description, click "Add to audit" to complete the system description and send to your auditor. Before adding to the audit, make sure you click save.

Note: We recommend getting multiple set of eyes from leadership on this description since it contains a ton of important details about your company.

You're all set, congratulations you've completed your system description!

Understanding the text editor

Text Editor Features Described Left To Right

  • Full-Screen Mode

  • Bold Text Option

  • Italic Text Option

  • Underline Text Option

  • Font Style Selection

  • Font Size

  • Headings Paragraph and Code Options

  • Align Options

  • Ordered List Options

  • Unordered List Options

  • Decrease indent Option

  • Increase indent Option

  • Text Quote Option

  • Clear Formatting Option

  • Print Option

  • Undo Change Option

  • Redo Change Option

  • Insert Table Option

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