Our policy builder helps your information security policies in ByteChek. Build information security, business continuity & disaster recovery, data classification, incident response, risk management, user access, vendor management and vulnerability management policies directly in ByteChek. These policies can also be easily added to your audit package when you're ready.

In this article, you'll learn how to use our policy builder, manage your policies and download your policy in ByteChek.

Before you start

  • These eight policies are the core policies needed to meet SOC 2 requirements.

  • Each policy has been mapped to SOC 2 criteria and ByteChek control IDs (BC ##)

  • Policies can be downloaded as a PDF

To build your policies with ByteChek, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the policy builder from the dashboard by clicking policies in the left hand menu bar.

  2. Navigate to the policy you are looking to update or build by clicking on the policy name.

  3. Click into the document editor to begin typing and modifying the policy

  4. Once you have made your changes, save your work by clicking the blue save button above the policy.

  5. You may click the Restore Default button at the top right if you wish to restore your work to the default template.

  6. Click "Add to Audit" to submit your completed policy to your audit.

Note: You must save your policy before being able to add it to the audit.

That's it! You've built your policies and submitted them for your audit.

Download your policy

  1. In the text editor menu bar, click the print icon to save your policy as a PDF.

Understanding the text editor

Text Editor Features Described Left To Right

  • Full-Screen Mode

  • Bold Text Option

  • Italic Text Option

  • Underline Text Option

  • Font Style Selection

  • Font Size

  • Headings Paragraph and Code Options

  • Align Options

  • Ordered List Options

  • Unordered List Options

  • Decrease indent Option

  • Increase indent Option

  • Text Quote Option

  • Clear Formatting Option

  • Print Option

  • Undo Change Option

  • Redo Change Option

  • Insert Table Option

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